Issued in 2020: Nine guitar-driven
vocal songs and instrumentals fusing
pop-rock, blues, jazz, and acoustic folk

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By way of explanation



Seven Sounds on Six Strings

(Excerpt) (TL: writer, guitars, bass, percussion)

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(Excerpt) (TL: writer, vocal)

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Red Horizon

Red Horizon

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Escapading copyright © 2018 by Tad Lathrop/Decent Interval Music. All rights reserved.

Seven Sounds on Six Strings (from the song More!) copyright © 2012 by Tad Lathrop/Decent Interval Music. All rights reserved.


Tad Lathrop

Tad Guitar

As a guitar player and tune writer, Tad Lathrop has performed and recorded across a wide range of styles, produced educational programming, written for Guitar Player and other magazines, and taught privately and in college seminars. He studied with jazz guitarist Dave Creamer and received training in music theory, composition, literature, history, education, and administration at Antioch College and New York University.
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